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About Scappoose Senior Center Nutrition
Congregate Meals:

                 Our congregate meal program provides a hot nutritious meal for as many as 40 seniors (more on special  
                 occasions)  that can get to the Senior Center.  All meals meet 1/3 of the dietary reference intake for seniors 
                 and are approved by a registered dietician.  The noon day meal is served at 12:00 and usually concludes 
                 around 12:30.

                 Although not mandatory, seniors that have attended the noon day meal are encouraged to stay for a few 
                 minutes and participate in Health & Wellness and Social Activities that are happening at the site as a way of 
                 enhancing their quality of life.

                 If you would like information about our Congregate Meal Program at the Scappoose Senior Center, please give 
                 us a call at 503 543 2047 and we would gladly answer your questions or send information to your home.
Meals on Wheels:

               Our Meals on Wheels Program offers nutritious home delivered meals for older persons who are unable to    
               leave their homes to shop or prepare the nutritious meals that they may need.  Meals can be prepared for         
               those that may need special dietary considerations and can be adjusted to suit daily needs.  Meals are 
               packaged in trays that can be reheated easily if the senior cannot eat at the time of delivery.  

               Scappoose Senior Center volunteer drivers deliver 5 days a week to seniors in need.  The Senior Center 
               serves as many as 4 routes per day and often serve as many as 40 seniors in the Scappoose Community.

              If you would like to be a Meals on Wheels driver, please call 503 543 2047 to help us fill this need.
For more information please call:

503 543 2047